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United Team Motorsports

Major sponsorship requires our mutual agreement in writing & contract.

However, "Quick Spots", due to their low cost and ease of application, are available anytime without negotiations.

Quick Spot areas are located anyplace on the race car except on either upper rear quarter panel.

Your logo, name, photo and/or any text will be positioned neatly on a Quick Spot area of at least one of our three race cars the entire season March through October. You can request a certain spot; for example, hood, roof, right front fender, etc. to display your logo and/or text and we will do everything possible to accommodate that request as well as providing you with a digital photo of the race car and an additional photo highlighting your associated Quick Spot.

For your part, provide two (2) personal stick-on decals with the maximum dimensions:

(12" X 8") and $50
(18" X 12") and $100
(24" X 16") and $150

Lastly, state your desire, such as, place both decals on one car, place a single decal on two cars, save one decal as a spare in the event of damage, etc We make every attempt to touch-up damaged Quick Spots, there is no additionally charge if you need to send more decals, the purchased Quick Spot is yours for the season.

We are open to other methods of affixing graphics to a Quick Spot such as arranging for your own graphics artist to make placements.

Currently, BeCraft Tire & Muffler of Corning, NY is managing our sponsorship program. E-mail any inquiries to: BeCraft@on3wheels.com

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