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Morrison Racing

Street Stock #73 Pontiac Grand Prix

Wellsburg, NY based Morrison Racing is set to unveil their 2016 entry at the Arnot Mall Car Show in March 2016. Then, again at Black Rock Speedway and Woodhull Raceway for the 2016 season openers.

Team leaders, brothers Jay and Kevin Morrison, have always fielded a highly competitive and fan favorite race car each season during their long racing history. Over this period, their many sponsors have enjoyed widespread marketing exposure as a result of the team competing at nearly a dozen different race tracks located within a days travel from their Wellsburg race shop.

As the 2016 racing season approaches, Morrison Racing is seeking additional sponsorship assistance in order to continue competing at the highest level. Anyone interested in helping can expect to receive full acknowledgment via the team car graphics, website and other advertising communications.

Morrison Racing
436 Rogers Road
Wellsburg, NY 14894
(607) 732 4655

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